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food order system for restaurants
Digital menu

Create your digital menu with a theme color of your choice. Change or improve your menu design and place your bestsellers or combos at the top of the menu.

Scan & order

Customers scan the QR code with their phone camera to access the food digital menu without downloading any app. Then the customers can place their order and pay instantly in a few clicks and enjoy their food delivered directly to their table.


Ensure all your orders are captured by our cloud-based POS system with a single view of transactions and customer interactions. Manage your menu from all channels to accept orders. Keep customers and staff informed on the order's delivery status.

Takeaway & Delivery

Customers can browse the digital menu, order items, and pick it up from the destination on their convenient time slot. Delivery fencing range can be set up on schedule timings. Know at what time the restaurant is able to take orders so that customers can choose from: unserviceable, closed and open to pick up their order.

Waiter Orders

Waiters can take orders both in online and offline mode. These orders get synced with zuyyu POS as soon as the application gets a stable internet connection. Waiters can modify orders and menu items by adding, removing, and altering the variables. They can cover order level discounts, extra charges, and many other item operations. Besides, order operations like recall orders, printing KOTs, settling and splitting bills can be sorted. It gives the live status of the dine-in area and order queue.

Payment Support

A strong payment gateway is integrated, so the customer pays online. The payment is credited to your wallet immediately. This guarantees the safety and protection of you and your customers at all times.

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We provide a smooth and secure onboarding process at a stipulated time.

qr code designing
QR Code Designing

We design your customized QR code for stickers and standees.

remote support
Remote Support

The help desk provides 24/7 remote assistance and technical support.

staff training
Staff Training

We provide operational training to your staff. A thorough understanding of the entire system as well as troubleshooting techniques.

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