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online food order software

Boost your growth and operational efficiency by enabling people to get food wherever they are!

Increase the profitability of your restaurant business with real time intelligence dashboards and management tools with capabilities like

  • Enabling people to Scan & Order food
  • Digitalizing menu as a digital catalog
  • Billing system in the Cloud
  • Implementing a Point of Sales (POS) system
  • Simplifying the Inventory management

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It is a simple and user-friendly application that customers are able to browse, order and pay from their phones.

  • QR code provides a contactless dining experience. Give diners the freedom to order and reorder when they want, without waiting for a waiter.
  • Promote takeaway and food delivery services, as well as manage your zuyyu online orders.
  • Grow your contact list and start communicating with customers through social media, whatsapp and email.
  • Auto assigned KOT to the respective kitchen display screen which improves speed and accuracy.
  • Removal of products automatically from your e-catalog when the product is out of stock in the inventory system.
digital food ordering system
food ordering and payment system

Take payments on your terms

zuyyu provides a safe and secure payment gateway which accepts UPI, credit & debit cards and all online payments.

Instant credit amount in your wallet

Split payment

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  • Why should I use zuyyu?

    zuyyu transforms your restaurant business into the digital era with digital menu, online ordering system, and POS (Online & Offline) - integrated with KOT, waiter ordering, in-store billing, inventory management, reporting and analytics and more.

    With zuyyu enhance your business to the next level.

  • How to sign up in zuyyu?

    Please fill out the form on this page. Click here. One of our experts will reach you and schedule a custom demo for your business shortly.

  • How long does it take to set up zuyyu?

    On receiving your confirmation and restaurant menu, normally it takes us a maximum of 5 working days to set up zuyyu. We are currently working on reducing this time, so that zuyyu is implemented in less than 5 days.

  • Can I add, edit, and delete items and categories in zuyyu?

    Yes, you can add, edit and delete any items or categories from your dashboard.

  • Can I change the price of an item?

    Yes, you can change the price at any time from your dashboard.

  • Does zuyyu require any additional hardware?

    No. zuyyu does not require any additional hardware. It can work on any mobile, tablets or desktop/laptop device.

  • Can we check the inventory of raw materials in zuyyu?

    Yes you can. A strong inventory management system with more features is available. You can manage and track raw materials and stock which keep you updated.

  • What are the reports available in zuyyu?

    zuyyu has a well-defined dashboard where you can track total sales (day/month wise), online ordering sales, payments (cash, card, UPI, online), taxes, inventory, and expense report.

  • Can I define different pricing for my offline, online, takeaway sales price?

    Yes, zuyyu supports multiple pricing for a single item for online, offline, and takeaway sales price.

  • Can I restrict user permissions and access to specific actions?

    Yes. you can set and define access rights for a particular module to your staff and managers.

  • Can I switch from a different POS to a zuyyu POS system? Do I need to buy new hardware?

    Yes, you can easily switch from any POS to a zuyyu system. Since it is a web-based application, it is compatible with any device. So, you do not need to buy new hardware for zuyyu POS.

  • What is the cost of zuyyu?

    We have 3 plans to choose according to the customer's needs. To learn more about pricing for your restaurant, Click here.

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